Evening Pond                          Cattle Country                                  River Beach     

 Sherborn Woods                                                 Loch Raven      

  mortyredriverofthenorth24a.jpg (102462 bytes)                  mortyseasidewildflowers20a.jpg (102906 bytes)                  mortyspringstewardscove7a.jpg (103620 bytes)   
      Red River of the North                Seaside Wildflowers                    Spring, Stewards Cove        

mortyseptbigsur6a.jpg (80451 bytes)                 mortyvineyard13a.jpg (82747 bytes)
September, Big Sur                                                     Vineyard        

        mortytontocreekII8a.jpg (66355 bytes)        mortywildgrapes12a.jpg (92969 bytes)
  Verde River                              Tonto Creek II                               Wild Grape

mortywhisperingridge.jpg (162441 bytes)        mortytearose.jpg (138957 bytes)
Whispering Ridge                                                  Tea Rose           

mortywildphlox.jpg (138444 bytes)     mortynomasscoast.jpg (90149 bytes)     mortypinkmustard.jpg (133361 bytes)
         Wild Phlox                        North Massachusetts Coast                        Pink Mustard        

mortymeadowsbeach.jpg (124892 bytes)      mortydelmonteforest.jpg (137820 bytes)
Meadows Beach                                               Del Monte Forest

                   mortynodakgold.jpg (152032 bytes)
       Manitoba                                                           North Dakota Gold

mortyptlobos.jpg (151311 bytes)                      mortysnowymeadow.jpg (159260 bytes)
     Point Lobos                                                             Snowy Meadow

Moss Beach                                The Sur                                  Desert      

Canadian Birch                                                      Headland Cove 


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